Afghan government demands complete ceasefire with Taliban

Published: 2020-01-18 14:56:00 UTC

[Al Jazeera English] The Taliban had reportedly offered a 10-day truce and hold follow-up discussions with Afghan government officials.

Rod Rosenstein says he made call to release Strzok-Page texts

Published: 2020-01-18 14:53:01 UTC

[Politico] Peter Strzok and Lisa Page filed separate lawsuits against the Justice Department last year.

Airbnb’s New Compensation Plan Asks Shareholders to Share With Other Stakeholders

Published: 2020-01-18 14:38:00 UTC

[The Wall Street Journal] The fact that Airbnb is expected to go public amplifies the gravity of its move pushing to make a positive impact on society

Impeachment lands Sen. Collins in familiar spot: crosshairs

Published: 2020-01-18 14:33:42 UTC

[Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing perhaps her toughest reelection fight, veteran Sen. Susan Collins has parachuted into familiar terrain — the heart of a hot-button issue, this time President Donald...

U.N. envoy hopes for, but cannot predict, speedy reopening of Libya oil ports

Published: 2020-01-18 14:11:52 UTC

[Reuters] The United Nations envoy to Libya said on Saturday he hoped but "could not predict" whether eastern oil ports shut ahead of a pending Berlin summit aimed at reaching a truce in Libya would be reopened soon.

Venezuelan theater becomes Plan B in lawmakers' turf battle

Published: 2020-01-18 14:10:08 UTC

[Associated Press] EL HATILLO, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan opposition lawmakers are expected in the coming days to make their third attempt to get inside the legislative chamber in downtown Caracas, after twice this...

Iran is sending black boxes of downed plane to Ukraine: aviation official

Published: 2020-01-18 14:09:14 UTC

[Reuters] Iran is sending to Ukraine the black boxes of the Ukrainian passenger plane that its military accidentally shot down this month, Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.

Teachers sue airline over jet fuel dumping

Published: 2020-01-18 14:07:38 UTC

[BBC News] The Delta Air Lines plane jettisoned fuel over Los Angeles schools as it made an emergency landing.

Records reveal concerns of deceased GOP redistricting expert

Published: 2020-01-18 13:38:41 UTC

[Associated Press] RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Republican victories in state legislative and gubernatorial elections in 2010 put them in a commanding position the next year to draw new voting districts for the U.S. House...

The Devin Nunes-Ukraine allegations, explained

Published: 2020-01-18 13:26:07 UTC

[The Washington Post] The allegation, the players, and how Nunes's story is changing around this.

Rain brings bushfire relief to parts of Australia

Published: 2020-01-18 13:25:28 UTC

[BBC News] Storms hit parts of Australia's east coast, dousing some fires and giving inhabitants some respite.

Justices taking up bans on state money to religious schools

Published: 2020-01-18 13:21:50 UTC

[Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP) — A Supreme Court that seems more favorable to religion-based discrimination claims is set to hear a case that could make it easier to use public money to pay for religious...

Gun-rights activists gear up for show of force in Virginia

Published: 2020-01-18 13:20:43 UTC

[Associated Press] RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Police are scouring the internet for clues about plans for mayhem, workers are putting up chain link holding pens around Virginia's picturesque Capitol Square, and one...

U.S. Supreme Court takes up presidential Electoral College dispute

Published: 2020-01-18 13:16:11 UTC

[Reuters] As the 2020 race heats up, the Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear a dispute involving the complex U.S. presidential election system focusing on whether Electoral College electors are free to break their pledges to back the candidate who wins their state's…

Supreme Court to hear Trump appeal in Obamacare contraception fight

Published: 2020-01-18 13:12:09 UTC

[Reuters] The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday took up an appeal by President Donald Trump's administration seeking to enforce new federal rules allowing employers to obtain religious exemptions from an Obamacare requirement that health insurance that they provide to emplo…

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's compulsive claims of 'biggest' ever

Published: 2020-01-18 13:10:44 UTC

[Associated Press] WASHINGTON (AP) — Size matters to President Donald Trump. So much that he exaggerates continually, sometimes spectacularly, the size of what he does.Just as his tax cuts are far from the...

Yemen's rival powers battle over banknotes

Published: 2020-01-18 12:10:16 UTC

[Reuters] Yemen's warring sides opened a new front in their five-year conflict on Saturday - a battle over old and new banknotes that threatens to create two economies in the same state.

Buttigieg tries to recapture Iowa magic

Published: 2020-01-18 12:07:57 UTC

[Politico] The Democrat is laying off his rivals and pitching unity ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Never Trumpers flame out

Published: 2020-01-18 12:07:55 UTC

[Politico] Joe Walsh and Bill Weld have failed to file in many of the states where GOP presidential primaries will be held this year.

North Korean foreign minister replaced: report

Published: 2020-01-18 12:02:01 UTC

[Reuters] North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho has been replaced, Seoul-based NK News reported on Saturday.


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