[BBC News] Cameroon soldiers jailed for killing women and children

[The Wall Street Journal] TikTok and Oracle Spar Over Ownership, Threatening Deal

[Al Jazeera English] Ba N'Daou named Mali's interim president, colonel named VP

[Associated Press] 'I miss mommy': Families shattered by COVID forge new paths

[BBC News] White House names 'anarchist cities' to lose funds

[The Wall Street Journal] Auditors Say They No Longer Will Inspect Labor Conditions at Xinjiang Factories

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Has Already Passed 200,000 Covid-19 Deaths

[The Wall Street Journal] Fed to Propose Overhaul of Lending Rules for Poorer Communities

[Bloomberg] Kenya Chief Justice Advises President to Dissolve Parliament

[Associated Press] Alabama Archives faces its legacy as Confederate 'attic'

[The Wall Street Journal] New PTSD Treatments Emerge as Cases Rise Among Some Groups

[BBC News] Woman arrested for 'sending ricin poison' to Trump

[Bloomberg] Carlyle to Acquire Data Company TriNetX in Health-Care Drive

[The Wall Street Journal] Trump to Make Supreme Court Nomination Friday or Saturday

[Al Jazeera English] Turkey to continue supporting Libya's GNA even if al-Sarraj quits

[BBC News] Twitter investigates racial bias in image previews

[Bloomberg] Bloomberg DayBreak: September 21, 2020 - Hour 2 (Radio)

[The Wall Street Journal] College Town Economies Suffer as Students Avoid Bars, Football Tailgating

[The Wall Street Journal] New York City’s Pre-K Children, Special-Needs Students to Start School

[Bloomberg] Nikola Doesn't Look Much Like Tesla Now


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